The girl stares at you for some time before speaking. "Hello..." She says softly before returning to what she had previously been doing. {Independent RP blog for Rima Touya of Vampire Knight.}
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Well, that didn’t exactly make matters any better, the teen thought, watching as the girl now took a seat in front of him. He would prefer to get comfortable to sleep, and that would mean pretty much sleeping in his boxers and an undershirt, but it seemed this vampire didn’t care much for giving him privacy.

No matter.

The Fool sighed inwardly, deciding to disregard his own thoughts and proceed as usual, taking off his shoes as he’d planned, then moving up and removing his school jacket, placing it on the floor near his shoes. “Of course not.”

As he continued, he couldn’t help but feel that he was giving Rima some kind of strip show, even though it probably wasn’t her intention. Or at least, he hoped that her cerulean hues weren’t hiding some hidden perversions. It’d appeared that she simply didn’t understand his confusion. As he let the final piece of clothing fall to the floor, he blinked, and as if nothing had happened, sat down, grabbing another chocolate covered stick from the box and biting into it.

His gray orbs scanned her as he chewed on the Pocky. Was she planning on watching him sleep as well?

She didn’t bat a single lash, simply stared as he continued. Tilting her head ever so slightly she realized only now, that male underwear didn’t hold or cover very much. Had that been intentional? Do all men wear undergarments like that?

Making no indication that she planned on leaving, she crossed her legs, staring intently at the blunette across from her. Hopefully he didn’t do anything strange in his sleep— For his sake. That would get him kicked out of her room. It’s not good to eat before bed, but she wouldn’t tell him that, she wasn’t his mother, therefore she couldn’t hold such a responsibility. She was tired from watching him all evening, so she might nod off, but she hoped she wouldn’t.

"Do you sleep with the covers on?" It was weird enough he slept in his undergarments. For her, at least. Perhaps it wasn’t his fault he didn’t bring sleeping clothes. Though if he had wandered that far… Maybe it was a last minute thing. Yes, that works. Maybe she’d change into her sleeping clothes. They were more comfortable.

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Minato wasn’t all the surprised. How could he be, after all of the supernatural things he had already encountered? A vampire was pretty tame, really, at this point. What irked him, however, was that she hadn’t tried to bite him. And he doubted she planned on it, considering she would have already done so by now if it were her intention. Not to mention she was taking blood tablets, which the blunette assumed was some sort of substitution. 

As she asked her question, he couldn’t help but notice the look that she gave him. Was she beginning to become annoyed with this situation? He couldn’t blame her, if she was, and glanced behind him at the clock that she’d been eyeing with her cerulean hues. Perhaps there had been enough excitement for tonight, he thought, nodding at the girl and turning towards her bed, but not before watching her grab a few more pieces of the chocolate covered sticks. Rima really liked those, huh?

Sitting down, he placed the box of Pocky beside him, and leaned down to take off his shoes. As he extended his hand, he paused, gazing over at the vampire with a rather blank expression. She wasn’t going to stay and watch him undress, was she? If so, that might make things very uncomfortable.

Rima knelt down in the hallway, Pocky sticks protruding from her mouth, picking up the little white pills as well as the case, coming back into the room and staring back at the blunette when she’d caught him looking.

She tilted her head slightly in confusion, why had he stopped what ever it was he was doing? She put the pills back in it’s case, sliding it shut and placing it back in her pocket. Turning her attention back towards him, she sat down in the chair not mere feet from him and waved her hand dismissively. A silent gesture to say: Continue. 

Brushing her hair with her fingers, she absentmindedly chewed on her Pocky. Why had he gotten awkward suddenly? She thought for a while before looking back at him. Her eyes narrowed slightly. Does he sleep… Naked? She wondered, her eyebrows drawing together. Was that a human thing? Quite odd, to say the least. Regardless, why he might be uncomfortable with such a thing was strange. The structural anatomy of a human was quite often the same, so he didn’t have very much to hide. Unless he had a birth defect of some sort.

"…Is there… A problem..?" She asked, finally breaking the silence between them.

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Minato could only watch the girl as she seemed to downright struggle for an answer. Every time he thought she might form a full sentence, she stopped, as though fighting internally with herself. It would probably have been best to keep the question to himself, but now that he’d uttered the words, it wasn’t something he was going to take back.

And so the Fool waited, taking out one of the chocolate covered sticks and biting into it, the sweet flavor something that he welcomed. It was no wonder why she had kept a stash hidden in her bottom drawer— they were actually quite tasty. Something like this would surely be worthy of hiding from those you would rather not share with, right? Then again, the blunette still questioned why she felt the need to keep the boxes a secret, but it wasn’t something he was about to ask.

As he went in to grab another one of the chocolate flavored Pocky, he paused, his hand frozen just above the box he held in his hand. Had she just said… blood tablets? Why would Rima need something like that? The male paused to think, bringing a hand to cup his chin— she had said she wasn’t human, and she became weak when not taking those little white pills. The only thing he could think of that she could possibly be was—


Saying it softly, he let his hand fall back down to his side, neither attempting to move away nor showing any signs of emotion. Instead, he would simply await her response.

Oh… ‘Kay..? It wasn’t a question, though it looked like he wanted her to say something. Did he want her to confirm his statement? “…Yes.” She said, her expression remaining flat. Well, his overall reaction surprised her— Or, rather, the lack of it. It probably wasn’t all that strange for him to encounter the supernatural what with his ‘persona' stuff.

She glanced up at the clock on her night stand, looking back at the blunette, her eyes narrowing as she sighed inwardly. “Do you plan on going to sleep soon?” She asked, the question was somewhat rhetorical. She wasn’t familiar with his sleeping habits, and wouldn’t question them if he said no; she just assumed he would be leaving early tomorrow. Or perhaps that was just what she hoped.

Nevertheless, so far the night has been quite… Interesting, to say the least. Rima removed the ribbons from her hair, shaking it out a bit and standing up to take care of the mess in the hallway. But not before staring at the box in the blunette’s hands. Ah, so tempti— She reached inside the box and pulled out two more chocolate covered biscuits before returning to what she had initially planned to do.

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Now, she didn’t look fine at all. It was obvious that she was lying, but for what reason? He knew it had to do with those small white pills, though the fact that she’d said she wasn’t human crossed his mind again. Perhaps she might be dangerous? The boy blinked at her question, opting to ignore it. “I should be asking you that,” he said, his voice quiet.

Again, the azure haired teen found himself following her, this time back into the room he’d just stepped out of. Standing casually in place, he watched as the cerulean eyed girl rummaged through a drawer, wondering just what she was trying to find. Of course, a few moments later, his question was answered— Rima held up a box of Pocky, the boy’s gray hues staring at it curiously. It was the same sweet he had found her eating earlier. Though why had she kept it hidden? Whatever the reason, the Fool extended his hand, taking it slowly. “Thank you.” 

Rima must have assumed that he’d traveled back outside of the room because he was hungry, and even if she didn’t say much, her actions spoke for her. The blunette sighed inwardly, opening up the package and pulling out one of the chocolate covered sticks before pausing, instead holding it out to her. She seemed to enjoy them much more than he did, and if the fact that she hid them in a drawer wasn’t evidence, he didn’t know what was. “I can’t eat them all.” 

Perhaps that would get her not to hate him as much when he spoke again, knowing that his words would be ones she wouldn’t welcome. “May I ask what those pills are for?” It was something that had been bothering him ever since he’d found her out, especially when he recalled the reaction she’d had.

She accepted his offer, and bit into the Pocky stick, chewing slowly. She paused upon hearing his question. Having expected it, she was surprised it took him this long to ask. It suddenly became hard to swallow; she remained silent, thinking over the question thoughtfully. Cerulean hues scanned his features over and over, only to find he was as unreadable as always. I have an iron deficiency. It wasn’t a complete lie, it just depended on how you looked at it.

She opens her mouth to speak, “…” noticing no sound comes out. “They’re… For…” She trailed off, taking another bite of Pocky to prolong her answer. Looking down to the floor, it seemed as though her mind had gone completely blank; devoid of any and all answers.

"It’s…" She tried again, only to come up empty handed. "For my body." She finally said, looking back up at the blunette when she was sure that was the answer she would stand by. It was vague, and it might’ve even come off as annoying, as anyone would be able to tell that obviously any pills she would be taking were for her body. Still she hoped he wouldn’t question her reasoning too much, although might be considered more fair to simply tell him outright that—

"They’re blood tablets." She said, catching even herself off guard, she hadn’t meant to just say it. But, now that it was out in the open, she prepared herself for an outburst of some kind, finishing the rest of her Pocky in the mean time.

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Red Velvet? Oh My!

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Minato could only stand in place as her cerulean hues scanned him, the male quietly returning the silver Evoker into the holster it usually took residence in. When she finally gave him an explanation, he deadpanned, finding it oddly anti-climatic and unsatisfying. The girl could have at least told him exactly what it was that made her ‘not human’, even if she didn’t plan on displaying any proof. And so he silently nodded at her, taking her hint when she spoke again by following her back up the stairs and to the room from before. It’s not as though she’d given him much of a choice.

The boy stood at the doorway, her words sounding slightly empty as he responded with his own generic answer. “Good night, Rima-san.” And then the door closed, leaving him standing in a bedroom he’d been advised not to explore. But instead of heading towards the bed as she probably expected him to do, the blunette stared at the door, not having heard the girl leave after ushering him inside. As his gray orbs studied the brass handle, the sound of something hitting the wall in the hallway met his ears, and he blinked. Would it be wise to venture outside once again? The male let an extended hand hover steadily in the air, fingers lightly touching the cool metal that would provide an exit. It wouldn’t hurt just to open the door, he reassured himself, turning the knob and prying the it open slowly.

A Rima in distress met his eyes, the tablets from before now scattered on the ground next to her. She was trembling, though for what reason, the azure haired teen was unsure. Was she sick? Is that what those pills were for? In any case, she seemed like she needed help, and Minato knelt down next to her, speaking quietly.

“Are you alright?”


"I-I’m fine." Rima breathed out, attempting to stand and leaning against the wall, trying to get her breathing back to normal. She closed her eyes for a moment, trying to calm down. She sighed, opening her eyes once more and staring at him through hooded lids.

"…Did you… Need… Something…?" She asked. She felt weak, but she hoped sheer will would keep her remaining upright. So meddlesome, why can’t you just go to bed? She wondered, her brows drawing together at the thought. She staggered into the room, opening the last drawer next to her bed, revealing her secret stash. Taking out one of the boxes she held it out to the blunette. She didn’t know if he was much of a midnight snacker, but if he needed it… Generous, perhaps too generous. “You didn’t get to eat something.” She murmured, urging that he take it.

She had to clean up the mess she’d made in the hallway. She rubbed her head, letting out a slight groan of discomfort. How tedious a task. She’d wished, now, that there were maids in this dorm. Hoping he wouldn’t question what they were she contemplated taking care of the mess now, or later.

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Ah, so that was where she’d hidden it. How simple. Minato canted his head to the side as he watched the girl retrieve the silver gun and place it on the table next to them. He found it odd that she’d opted to do that instead of just handing it to the boy, but he wasn’t going to question it. It was surprising that the cerulean eyed girl had even agreed to such a notion in the first place.

“I wouldn’t.”

The azure haired teen pushed himself up from the couch, slowly taking the Evoker into his hand and bringing it to his temple, but not before switching to a Persona that wouldn’t cause too much alarm. He kept his other hand in his pocket indifferently, standing casually in front of Rima. To most, what he was about to do would be viewed as completely insane, and he would assume that even this emotionless girl would show some surprise, one that would replace the look of concern currently in her eyes. The male didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, the sound of glass shattering left in its wake as a tiny being hovered above him, wings flapping rapidly before perching on his head and sticking her tongue out at the other female. The teen brought the Evoker back down, sighing inwardly as he wondered whether this would make things worse between the two.

Pixie would be harmless enough.

At least, he hoped, gazing back over at the girl, gray orbs scanning her for a reaction before adding, “Pixie is one of many Personae that I can summon.”

This was sure to create more questions than answers.

"So different…" She said softly, hardly above a whisper as she stared at the ‘Persona’ going by the name of ‘Pixie’. "…Otherworldly, even."

She could not doubt that she was surprised. He really was… “Not from around here.”

Interesting… She thought, realizing she hadn’t stop staring at the male since he brought the gun up to his head. Embarrassed by her rudeness, she cast her gaze down to the floor. That’s right… It was her turn now, wasn’t it? She sighed, before standing from the couch as well. “I’m not human.” She said simply. As far as showing this secret went; now was not the appropriate time. She did not meet his eyes, before saying softly: “It’s late.”

Glancing back up at him she hoped he’d get the hint that she would not be showing him what she meant. At least… Not now. If push comes to shove, he may find out for himself. She escorted him back to her room, leaving him no room to argue. She paused in the doorway. “…Good night…”

Stepping out she closed the door with a soft click. She sighed, leaning on the door before sliding down and sitting on the floor. She pulled her legs up to her chest, resting her head on her knees, she had a hunger induced headache. She took the blood tablets out of her pocket, her hands shaking slightly, causing her to spill them. She silently cursed, staring at the little white pills on the floor before frustratingly throwing the little case at the wall across from her.

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